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The Hameln Project

振込口座 ゆうちょ銀行
記号 18260  番号 38117571
名義 ハーメルン・プロジェクト

店名 八二八(読み ハチニハチ) 店番 828 
預金種目 普通預金        口座番号 3811757

メルアド:angel※hamelnproject.com (※を@に変えてご連絡お願いします)



The aims of the Hameln Project are to inform parents and pregnant women about specific activities and information related to the evacuation of children and the supporting of children in Fukushima.

*Establishing the Hameln Project Mamoru Shida, representative
The time has come to make our minds up with "Harenochi-kumori, Picnic! - Let's go on a picnic on a fair (then later cloudy) day"!

The project is targeted at babies, pregnant women and their families.
Why don't we get out of Koriyama city for a while?
Fukushima Prefecture, which was directly damaged during March's earthquake disaster, is still rather chaotic.

Fortunately, we, as the residents of Fukushima prefecture, have been receiving offers from a lot of our neighboring prefectures which had no earthquake damage to take us in.

To accept such offers from strangers reminds one of the meaning of the old saying that says, "even a chance meeting is due to the karma in previous life".

Because it can be so difficult to consider our future, when sitting here, surrounded by all of this destruction, why don't we evacuate for a short while, take a rest, and then think about the future?

Mothers with small children should consider these three points when trying to avoid the radioactive contamination caused by the recent nuclear power plant accidents:
1.Evacuate right away.
2.Relax at evacuation sites
3.Only come home after boosting your power and evaluating your options

Account information for donation and grant
Code:18260 Account number:38117571
Account Name:Hameln Project

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